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The Nordic way of
taming the ice

Our figure skate blades are built with cutting-edge technology, designed to enhance your performance on the ice. With their dark nordic style and superior craftsmanship, our blades are the perfect choice for serious figure skaters.

Our new Viking Steel innovation guarantees perfectly even blades that give you speed and precision on ice. We offer a vast selection of removable blades for figure skating.

blue and black ice shards



Superlight. 250 Grams. Lifetime warranty

Experience unparalleled performance with our lightest jump blade, designed for double and triple jumps.

Thanks to the narrow blade and high-quality metal, the glide is excellent. The blade’s design enables quickly spinning pirouettes and smooth blade use.

The perfect choice for figure skaters who want to take their performance to the next level.

Achieve peak performances – choose the lightest jump blade on the market!


FJØRD is a perfect blade for beginners level, with FJØRD you can learn the basics of figure skating.

The profile of FJØRD is made to support your first slides on ice.

FJØRD allows you even to do some basic jumps. Because of the unique steel material FJØRD is easy to be sharpen , it stays sharp longer.

FJØRD dance

Cross Cut. Dance and Synchro. 280-295grams

New Dance Blade for Synchronized Skaters and Ice Dancers!

Perfect as a First Dance Blade: Agile due to its short heel and thinner blade, ensuring quick curve transitions and smooth gliding.

Additionally, the blade’s picks are also suitable for jumps, making it a versatile choice for every movement on the ice.

Improve your performance – choose a blade that supports skill development and helps achieve championship-level performances. Get yours now!

FJØRD Original

FJØRD Original is the perfect blade for more advanced skaters who want to challenge themselves. It allows you to start real figure skating with 3 jumps.

The profile and sharpening are made to match more speed and more technical skills. The steel is easy to sharpen and profile and it stays sharp longer.

FJØRD Original


Optimize Your Skating Blades

Proper maintenance of figure skating blades is essential for peak performance on the ice. Start by thoroughly drying your blades with a soft cloth after each use to prevent rust. Store them in a dry place and use blade guards to protect them when walking off the ice. Regularly check for nicks and burrs, and get your blades professionally sharpened as soon as you notice a decline in performance.

For professional maintenance and high-quality products, reach out to our BJØRN vendors, who offer expert services and top-of-the-line blade care accessories. Follow these steps to extend the lifespan of your blades and enjoy consistently high performance on the ice!

riisport ice skate on ice close up
man legs with ice skates on skating on ice


Quality Figure Skate Blades

Experience superior performance and durability with our high-quality figure skate blades. Designed for maximum precision and control on the ice.

Blade Performance

Our figure skate blades are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, allowing you to skate with speed, agility, and confidence.


Built to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay, our figure skate blades are highly durable, ensuring they will last season after season.

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